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Have a multitasking home life

Are you at home having too many things to fix, but your body really needs some yoga? Use your creativity and make use of the space around you.

Learn to connect to the breath. Gradually lengthen the inhalation and the exhalation making the chest expand.

Are you cooking? Stirring a risotto that takes a little too long?
– Do it on one leg: activate the standing leg by engaging the front of your thigh and contracting your butt slightly. Engage the pelvic floor and lift one leg up.
– Gradually challenge yourself with different positions and remember to change the standing leg.


Open the chest
Do you have a dinner table or a kitchen bench?
– Place the hands on the edge, stretch your arms and make sure your hips are in line with the feet.
-Let the chest sink down.

Stretch the side of the chest
Doors, wardrobes, the corner of a wall – anything with an edge will do.
– Place the forearm on the edge of the surface, creating some resistance by spreading the fingers and slightly pushing against it. Your body is facing the same way.
– Keep the forearm on the surface and slowly turn the body away from the hand. Stop when you feel the stretch.

Stretch the calf
Do you have stairs?
– Place the ball of your foot on a step
– Press the heel down and lean the body slightly forward to get a better stretch

Stretch the hamstrings
Did you drop something? Try to pick it up without bending your knees.

Release your neck
Are you sitting on the sofa watching TV? Give your neck a little stretch by leaning your head to the sides and front.

No extra time, space or outfit needed. Just do it!

HiYoga Lifestyle Yoga


Reminder to myself: be grateful

How often do you pause and appreciate what you have in life? I, probably like many women out there, never feel entirely happy or confident about myself.

Looking back at my ballet dancing carreer, I have realised that most of my time and energy was spent complaining and comparing myself to others. I just never felt “good enough”. On top of that..the more I had, the more i wanted. The bigger the expectations, the stronger the disappointments.

And you know what… Does life get any better from doing that? Do you get any further? Do you appreciate it more? We all know what the answers are… but we still don’t – or can’t – do anything about it..

It was through a bad injury and the yoga practice that my discovery of gratitude actually started.

I learned to appreciate myself through physical movement and exploration of the body.
I learned to enhance my body’s health, intelligence, grace and beauty.
I learned that yoga is the union of mind, body and soul.
I learned to be thankful everyday for being able to participate in such an amazing practice.
I still have a lot to learn – and the hard part is to live it.

I believe gratitude requires awareness and appreciation of all normal cycles of life. The highs, the lows, the blessings, the lessons, the setbacks, the comebacks, the love, the hate, the everything.

Dark places can make you grow stronger and become a better person if you learn from them.

So, remember to enjoy the little things in life. Measure the highs and lows. Respect yourself. Listen to your body. Love your family. Be passionate of what you do. Share and spread your energy.

Yoga taught me gratitude. For that, I’m forever thankful.