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The Holiday Body

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We all want that body that surfaces when we are on holidays! I’ve heard many of my students tell me that their body is at its optimal self when they are vacationing. Usually it is a warm tropical country. Their yoga practice skyrockets into another space of effortlessness and voluptuous power.

I must hereby admit that I have experienced the same ecstasy where hips open willingly, backbends come with ease, moving in any direction feels soothing and sitting in silence becomes an oasis one eagerly wants to return to. Why is this not happening back at the home base?

There are many factors that contribute to this alteration in the mind and body. However, I believe there is one main switch that needs to be triggered, and it will connect with the rest… And you can use it at the homefront!

That is, consciously slowing everything down. Slowing down the way you move, talk, cook, think things through, etc.  Try lingering just a tiny bit longer with observing something, listening to someone, stretching, tasting food…stay really present. The key thing is value it; feel really good about slowing down.

Your nervous system will build resilience, you will cultivate healthy vagal tone, oxytocin levels will rise and your brain will be spurred on to change.  You will connect deeper to the things that matter to you.

Now if you still want that holiday… Then by all means run to a Yoga Retreat holiday at a sunny destination this Winter!  You’ll practice with others, breath and feast like you’ve never done before ☺

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