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Yoga in the Mountains – A photostory

Yoga trekking in the mountains of Nepal is a journey of a lifetime. Our latest trip took place during Easter 2017. We chose a community trail up to Mohare Danda. Not only to immerse us into the yoga but also the culture, traditions, to engage with the local people and visit their places. Yoga is a natural ingredient of this trekking experience.

Yoga in the mountain | Festival 2017
The first ever yoga festival in Kathmandu was conducted by Ethical Travel Portal, socialtours and Pranamaya the weekend before Easter. It is a perfect lead up for the yoga in the mountains trek. The festival weekend included a sunset walk at Soyambhunath followed by a welcome dinner, different yoga classes and talks about Ayurveda, mindfulness and meditation, organic food market, healthy lunch options and Karma Yoga for abused minors that are under care of Antardristi.

The yoga trek in short
The day after the festival was finished, we drove to picturesque Pokhara for an overnight. This is a perfect stop after a long drive. Early next morning we were on the road again and drove to our starting point for the trek. The next week we were going to be in the mountains and surrender ourselves to yoga, the community and nature. We trekked for three days up till Mohare Danda where we slept for two nights. During the day at disposal we went to the more famous hill, Poon Hill. From Mohare Danda, we spent the next couple of days trekking down to lower altitude and finally to Tatopani. En route to Kathmandu, we made a stop at beautiful River Summit Retreat to relax and enjoy the pool. The next day we drove the last bit into Kathmandu and ended our experience with a tasteful farewell dinner.

Yoga in the mountains

Outdoor yoga gives you a lot more than doing yoga in a studio with four walls and a ceiling. Listen to the sounds of the nature while you try to reach to the sky…
Our yoga was led by Camilla Nicoline Vik from HiYoga in Norway.

Yoga in the mountainsWe meet as strangers. We engage and learn from each other. We depart as friends. You dont have to have the same language to open up and trek with an open mind.

Yoga in the mountainsYou can´t avoid the up hills. But the reward of relaxing in places like this makes you forget the struggle. Breathe. Count. One step. Two steps. One step. Two steps. Just over that last hill and you can relax. Put your feet high and surrender.

Yoga in the mountainsWho would believe that after a few hours of trekking you will find a shack and a lovely family that are very happy to prepare your lunch! This is the best noodle-soup during the trek! If you have any energy left you can join and learn to cook like a local.

Yoga in the mountainsYou have to adapt. Yoga is not depended of the sun being out. The sun is always there. Just sometimes it is behind the clouds. You have to adjust, take the challenge and practice the kind of yoga that is suitable at the moment. Be mindful. Be present. Yoga in a cloud is also possible! Here at Mohave Danda 3300 meters.

yoga in the mountainLet´s salute the sun and be grateful for experiencing the variety of weather!

Yoga in the mountainTogetherness. Yoga in the mountains creates a special bond between the people in the group where yoga is the central point. The meals are special. It is a time to talk about your day -ups and downs, the yoga practice and how to build it into our everyday life. OR just sit and enjoy the very good food you are served!

Yoga in the mountainThe mountains are definitely calling. Yoga with a view like this cannot be explained. It needs to be experienced. You want to reach higher and stretch longer. You do not want the practice to end.

Yoga in the mountainCommunities. Mountains. People. It´s all connected.

Yoga in the mountainThe last leg of the trek does not fail to impress. Walking in what is the deepest gorge in the world with walls of 7000 – 8000 metres makes you feel the power of nature close up. Let go of everything that you may have on your mind, and be present.

Memories are what you will bring with you back home.

Yoga in the mountainThank you so much to everyone that was a part of the Yoga in the Mountains trekking in amazing Nepal. From the participants, guide, assistant guides, porters and yoga instructor. You made the trip complete.

Do you want to join our trip Easter 2018? Let us know here!

Gjesteblogger: Linda Veråsdal, Ethical Travel Portal

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